Who We Are

Living in Hawaii is a dream for many people. At Aloha Life Guide, we aim to make this a reality sooner than later. Our professional, experienced staff knows everything about the Hawaiian islands and how you can call this place home. We have worked with many clients from around the world with many stories of success. No matter where you are currently located, we are eager to help you with your potential move. Our clients are matched with an expert-based right here in Hawaii who can answer all of their questions on demand. As the date of your move approaches, we’ll provide you with all the services and resources you need. Once you finally get here, our members at Aloha Life Guide will be the first ones to welcome you.


What Can We Do For You?

Simply put, our team members are dedicated to making your move as smooth as possible. First, if you have any questions about the islands, we can truthfully answer them. While you might be able to search for answers on a review website, you’ll get more insight into the Aloha Life Guide. Most of our staff were born and raised in Hawaii and can give you all the juicy details that you need. Once you begin looking for housing and employment, we can help in that regard as well. We have connections with real estate agents across the islands who will find you the house of your dreams. Similarly, we have references for employers who are always looking to hire.


More Benefits

Finally, our staff members are amazing in themselves. We take pride in the energy and enthusiasm that they bring even over the phone during the first consultation. Bringing you to Hawaii in a smooth manner is our number one priority, and when this succeeds, we’re happy. When you finally arrive in the islands, we’ll be the first to greet you with open arms. After the move is complete, you’re more than welcome to continue to update us about your standings. The bottom line is, we want to be an all in one resource at your convenience.